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Explore Our Programs – Member Involvement

Our programs are here for you

There are lots of ways members can make a difference. Your financial support keeps our programs running, but you can also use the programs for yourself, family, neighborhood, and even through work to support our oceans and waterways.
Myvolunteer Water Project

Explore dozens of unique, easy-to-do activities around the home, yard, or town that add up to significant benefits for our waterways. Do as much or as little as you like. It all ads up.

streams of hope

COMING SOON! A fantastic new way to adopt a favorite lakes, rivers, stream, or stretch of coast. It’s a great way to build connections across the nation with other caring, solution-oriented stewards of these beautiful resources.

financial support

Your contributions offset costs and help scale programs to help make a difference. From traveling water science exhibitions to art supplies and learning tools for students across the United States.

spread the word

Here’s your chance to act as an ambassador for clean water and healthy oceans. Visit our programs pages, then connect with area schools or cities to take part. There’s something for everyone.

Claire Vahey
…I realized there was so much I could do. The foundation’s app, MyVolunteer Project gave me a million ideas. We love to garden, so we used some of the tips to beautify our landscape in a way that helped recharge our groundwater and reduce pollution in our storm drains.”
…I used the Streams of Hope app to show my kids that we are not only close to the coast, but also able to reduce our impact on our watershed, since that’s where the so many of the issues start.”
Kenny Laskan