Fragrant Plastic-free Bath Starter Kit



When shopping for gifts or for ourselves, think about the impact our choices have on the blue planet our children will inherit. We have collected some of our favorite items from some remarkable vendors to offer an opportunity to re-think the way we stock our bathroom products and our wasteful grooming habits. Our starter-kit gets you started on the road to plastic-free habits.

The starter-kit Includes:

-Going back to using bar soap eliminates useless packaging and single use containers with impossible to recycle pumps. ‘Glacial Stream Scrub’ handcrafted cold process soap bar with sea salt in recycled paper Kraft box. USA made of Olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, organic shea butter, sea salt and ground oatmeal. The soap bar measures 3.5″ x 2.25″ and weighs about 4.8oz.

-Two heavenly scented, hand-poured, soy wax travel candles in reusable/recyclable tins. Each candle tin measures 2.45″ round x .79″ high and features a scenic water print and inspirational quote. The scents include ‘Lava’ (a citrus infused fragrance of lush mandarin, ripe cranberry with hints of orange, grape, and plum) and ‘Revive’ (a revitalizing blend of refreshing lemon and grapefruit with floral notes at the heart joined by warm amber and coffee).

-Natural cotton crochet shower pouf – eliminates the need for a plastic pouf which cannot be recycled.

-Organic bamboo toothbrush – no more throw-away plastic ones!! Vegan. Compost the bamboo handle at the end of its life.

-Natural loofah scrub pad (made from plants)- 3.5″


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