Harp Seal Pup – Practice shading white subjects – FREE Download!



Young harp seal pups have snowy white coats of fur and can be difficult to see on the floating pack ice where they are born. A harp seal mother is able to identify her baby using her powerful sense of smell. But a young pup will also call to its mother with loud vocalizations. These pups learn to swim after about 8 weeks and begin hunting fish and crustaceans for food.

It's challenging to color a white animal in a white background - exploring texture and shadow techniques can be a great way to create the illusion of white in your piece and hone your artistic skills. Whether using pens, pencils or crayons, remember to start with the lightest touch and build your tones layer upon layer.

Consider applying the lightest greys and tans and even the faintest pastel lilac and palest blues to add depth and dimension to this harp seal drawing.

If you are playing with watercolor, experiment with barely any color dropped into a cup of water or with acrylics, use the tiniest dot of color to tint some white.


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