Large Mesh Clean-up Bag with Streams of Hope Logo



Your waterway clean-up bag is here! Put your ocean stewardship into action and organize or join an existing clean-up group. Pick up and properly dispose of small - larger bits of trash. Proactively picking up trash items anywhere, from your neighborhood trails to rivers, lakes, and streams, keeps it out of the waterways that lead to the ocean. We know that water flows one-way... downstream! Collecting discarded pollutants and trash along the way is a great way to support a healthy ocean no matter where you live. AND, it's going to take all of us doing small things to make the big impact needed to save our seas.

It's a generous 19 1/2" W x 28" H making it the perfect bag to double as a lightweight market bag. It even makes a great beach bag - leaving sand on the beach where it belongs!

These proceeds go a long way to support our nationwide programs and our own community clean up projects. For more ideas about what you can do for clean water and a healthy ocean , please visit


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