Ocean Treasures – Mini Bronze Monstera Leaf Necklace with Freshwater Pearl


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You may be surprised to know that pearl farming is a sustainable practice that helps keep waterways pristine.

Pearls are the result of marine oysters and freshwater mussels using their natural defense against irritants such as a parasite entering their shell. The oyster or mussel slowly secretes layers of aragonite and conchiolin, materials that also make up the shell, forming a uniquely beautiful pearl over time.

Oysters and mussels filter water constantly while they breathe and feed. In the process, these bivalve mollusks are significantly reducing water pollution by gobbling up dangerous chemicals and nitrogen in the water benefiting to the environments where they are found or farmed.

In addition, pearl farming can provide jobs in some of the most remote and exotic places in the world. It can take years of nurturing to patiently grow pearls.

Our mini monstera leaf is made of yellow bronze and measures almost 1/2″ wide. The tiny pearl has a sterling silver finding and measures 5mm.

Hand crafted in Southern California using yellow bronze and .925 Sterling Silver.


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