Mountain Stream Graphic T-shirt – Sage or Sky Blue



Water runs from a mountain stream to the ocean below  - ALL water travels one way - downstream!

Our 'Streams of Hope' organic t-shirt symbolizes how important clean and healthy waterways are to the health of Earth's ocean! Our mission is to identify, inspire and empower communities and individuals to become stewards of their local waterways. Proceeds from the sale of these tees benefit our programs for clean water and a healthy ocean.

We all know water runs one-way - down hill! And this water carry's with it the debris and pollutants it collects along. It seeps into our groundwater or continues running into waterways; streams, rivers, lakes, and the ocean. Join us at to learn more about what you can do in your community to make a difference.

Our 'Streams of Hope' T-shirt is made from organic cotton. These tees are so soft and comfy!


  • Short sleeve 100% soft ORGANIC cotton tee screened with environmentally friendly water based inks.
  • Made in Bangladesh.
  • Color choices include Sky Blue or Sage


Fresh water is necessary for the survival of all living beings.

Lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and groundwater are Earth's valuable resources. They provide drinking water, opportunities for recreation, wildlife habitat, water for agriculture and industrial uses, and more. Protecting water resources, no matter where they are on the map, will also protect human health, our ecosystems, and ultimately the ocean.


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