Pacific Green Turtle Limited Edition Framed Sculpture by Dave C. Reynolds



We are happy to introduce the True Locals Collection by Dave C. Reynolds - surfer/artist/dreamer.

Dave C Reynolds is a Huntington Beach surfer/artist/entrepreneur. He started his business Kahuna’s Klassics in 1988 designing and building custom trophies and awards for the world surf tour and the surfing industry. Since then, he has built over 30,000 trophies, more than anyone in surf history. Entirely self-taught, his current skills include sculpture, painting, wood crafting, graphic design and dioramas. Surfing daily for almost 50 years he has gained an extensive knowledge of surfing and surf history. Dave has been an art director and curated numerous exhibits at the International Surfing Museum since the 90’s. Dave’s love and respect for the ocean and its inhabitants is known by all he encounters. He shares the true “Aloha Spirit” with all.

  • Pacific Green Turtle by Dave C. Reynolds measures 15"W x 12"H x 3"D
  • Materials include sustainably sourced Bio-Resin and renewable Bamboo.
  • 200 piece Limited Edition created Exclusively for the Wyland Foundation. Proceeds fund our programs for clean water and a healthy ocean.
  • Please allow 4 weeks to ship this artwork.

About Dave's process:

'Aloha friends! I am stoked and honored to introduce my new marine life art collection called "True Locals." I am in the ocean most days either surfing or paddle boarding. The ocean is my refuge, my church, my meeting place, and my workout space. I have always told fellow surfers that the marine life we encounter are the "true locals". We humans are guests and should act with respect to our hosts. We all have a responsibility to protect and preserve the oceans, our coastlines, and their inhabitants. This special collection features a lot of the California marine life I have encountered since I started surfing in the mid 70's.

I create each detailed sculpture using a metal and plant-based resin technique I developed. They are indistinguishable from a bronze metal casting. The frames are made from eco-friendly bamboo and have incredible edge patterns. The backgrounds are a California Channel Islands nautical map, printed on recycled paper. It shows an area where all these beautiful animals roam. Shown below the sculpture are both the common name and the animal’s scientific name. Each piece comes with a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity and are limited to only 200 pieces.'


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