Sea Glass Resin Art Coasters – Set of 5 with Stand – Choose Color Range



These dynamic coasters are crafted locally by artisan Matt Boyd using a resin casting technique that is inspired by the ocean, shore and marine environment.

Matt is a husband, Dad, and an animal lover who has called Southern California home since 2003.  While he spends his days working for the man, evenings & weekends are devoted to his many hobbies.  His plethora of hobbies include gardening, surfing, travel, skiing, guitar, fishing, carpentry, and art.  His work is influenced by his deep love of the water.

  • This collection of coasters are hand made in the USA and each piece is unique and an individual work of art.
  • Please note that all sea glass is randomly shaped and colored.
  • Please choose from two color assortments.
  • Each set includes 5 coasters and a stand for storage or display.
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