Silver Hollow Conch Shell Necklace + Recycled Glass Bead



For their protection, delicate mollusks create wonderous shells from their mantle tissue and the absorption of salt and ocean minerals. As they are outgrown and shed, seashells become an important part of coastal and marine ecosystems. Animals such as crabs and octopuses use shells as camouflage and many fish use shells as hiding places from predators. To avoid disrupting ecosystems it is good practice to appreciate and enjoy shells in their natural environment. We've created this lovely conch shell pendant to replicate natures beautiful sculpture.

The shell pendant measures approximately 1 1/8" High x 7/16" Wide.

.925 Sterling Silver

The blue bead is made from recycled glass and no two beads are exactly alike.

Thank you for considering this lovely jewelry piece for your next purchase. The proceeds from Wyland Foundation "gifts that give" fund our programs for clean water and a healthy ocean.

*Our jewelry is handmade by a local artisan and does sell out at times. Backorders may take 3 weeks from the date of order to ship.

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