Sterling Silver Shiny Cowrie Shell Necklace


SKU #WFPAP-00455

To symbolize the importance of sea snails within their native waters and the beauty of all shells in their natural habitat, we used sterling silver to create our cowrie necklace.

Cowrie is the common name for a family of sea snails with smooth rounded shells. Sea snails graze on algae, regulating reefs and contributing to their success. In turn, they are an important food source for fish and sea birds. Their skeletal shells provide shelter for other organisms. By leaving snails and their shells to perform this important roll, we are contributing to a healthy thriving ocean.

The metals for our jewelry are recycled and sourced locally.

Thank you for considering this lovely jewelry piece for your next purchase. The proceeds from Wyland Foundation “gifts that give” fund our programs for clean water and a healthy ocean.

*Our jewelry is handmade by a local artisan and does sell out at times. Backorders may take 3 weeks from the date of order to ship.

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SKU: WFPAP-00455.