Vintage Surfer Necklace with Sterling Silver XL Whale Tail


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Our newest Wyland XL Whale Tail pendant is the largest on the line. It has an updated modern structure adding a fresh beach vibe to this lovely vintage necklace. The 20″ shell necklace is a statement piece on its own and can be worn without the pendant. The XL Whale Tail pendant measures approximately 1 9/16″ wide X 1 1/4″ high. This pendant is made in Anaheim CA from sterling silver.

This original handmade Heishi (or surfer-style) necklace is one-of-a-kind and of Navajo origin. It has been restored and restrung by artisans trained in this tradition.

Made from:

-Vintage Heishi shell beads – likely up cycled from discarded clam shells. The beads seamlessly graduate from about 5mm to about 8mm wide and is approximately 20″.

-Vintage Kingman turquoise – this is not newly mined stone but rather turquoise mined decades ago from the Kingman mine in Arizona. Kingman is one of the oldest mines in America. Kingman turquoise is desired particularly for it’s beautiful sky blue color and various other shades of blue turquoise.

-Vintage Southwest Sterling Silver on the necklace and recycled .925 sterling silver for the pendant.

Please handle with extreme care and do not wear in the water or shower in this historic piece.

Kindly remember that proceeds from the sale of our products directly fund our on-going Nationwide programs and are not returnable.

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SKU: WYPAP-00466-H.

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