White Textured Shell Hanging Planter – with Rope Hanger



These sculptural faux skeleton and faux shell planter bowls are great for air plants, potpourri, and birdseed. They are made from white resin and hang about 19″. Please do not burn real candles in these planters.

Choose ONE of three styles.

Sea Urchin Shell Hanging Planter – Sea urchins are related to sea stars and sea cucumbers. They move about by using hundreds of tiny and transparent tube-like feet. Faux sea urchin – measures approximately 7 3/4″ W x 6″ D x 4″ H

Barnacle Hanging Planter – Barnacles are crustaceans related to lobsters, crabs and shrimp. They live in shallow and tidal waters. Faux barnacle measures approximately 8 1/4″ W x 7″ D x 5 1/2″ H

Giant Clam Shell Hanging Planter – Giant clams are mollusks which can grow up to five feet wide and live for 100 years! They prefer warm tropical waters. Faux giant clam measures approximately 10″ W x 6 1/4″ D x 4″ H

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