Inspiring Dolphins Coloring Page & Activity – FREE Download!



Dolphins are social groups that live, hunt and “play” together. In the wild, dolphin interactions include splashing and rubbing against each other. While we might see it as a “kiss”, scientists consider this to be a simple playful interaction. Dolphins breathe air like we do. Unlike us, they cannot breathe through their mouth – they use their mouths to hunt and eat. They have a blowhole for breathing and need to come to the surface of the water regularly in order to breathe.

Of the nearly 40 species of dolphins, the majority inhabit the world’s oceans. Five other species live in rivers. All dolphin species are considered to be highly intelligent with bottlenose dolphins exhibiting the most curiosity toward humans.

Bottlenose dolphins are among the most widely recognized species. These dolphins live in pods with up to thirty members. Within these pods, there are closely bonded smaller subgroups of females with calves, adult males, and adolescents. The bottlenose dolphin is generally a dark gray on its upper body. The dark gray fades into a lighter gray on its sides with its belly color ranging from white to a pale pinkish tint. The bottlenose dolphins pictured on this coloring page are surrounded by a tropical ecosystem which means you may want to use a beautiful aqua blue to depict the ocean water and vibrant colors for the reef. There are open spaces available to add your own tropical sea life.

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