Ceramic Sea Life Sculpture Cups – Choose Your Critter!



For the serious Coffee or Tea drinker that likes a bit of whimsy! Creature Cups, a woman-owned company,  was founded in 2010 by an avid coffee-drinking designer while working late nights in a ceramic studio. Inspired by and drawing inspiration from all parts of life. They create, staying current, thought provoking, humorous, fun... and, always caffeinated!

  • Holds 11oz
  • Creatures emerge slowly as you drink your beverage

Choose from:

  • Sea Otter in Wedgwood Blue
  • Penguin  in Ice Blue
  • Manatee  in Wedgwood Blue
  • Whale Tail in Cool Grey
  • Shark in Deep Sea Blue
  • Dolphin in Ocean Blue
  • Turtle in Wedgwood Blue
  • Octopus in Black

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