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Art Educator – Art teachers / education specialists needed to develop customized art activities for grades k-8, with specific ties to nature, water, marine life. Interested? Check out the post below.


In support of the city of Cleveland hosting our Mayors Challenge Kick off this year, we encourage you to learn more about the Cuyahoga 50 event. By the time the Cuyahoga River caught fire for the last time on June 22, 1969, it had no visible life. Fifty years later the river is alive again, but clean water faces more threats than ever in Cleveland and around the world. https://www.cuyahoga50.org


Interested in volunteering at one or more of these events? Fill out our volunteer application below! For more information, please contact Marci Vahey at MarciV@wylandfoundation.org

Date Needed
Beach Cleanup Volunteer - Helps maintain beaches, picks up trash, sorts recyclables, and reports findings in My Volunteer Water Project applicationEvent04/24/2021VolunteerView Event
Beach Captain - During the Clean-up event you will guide volunteers with their efforts to clean up trash from designated areas, separate trash from recycling, record what they find on data cards, summarize and report the data.Event04/24/2021VolunteerView Event
Warehouse Assistant - Works with Product Development Manager to ensure timely delivery of fundraising gifts, apparel, and other merchandise.WyFo HQ RSM04/30/2021Volunteer
Grant Coordinator - Assists with research, grant preparation, and executionWyFo HQ RSM05/08/2021Volunteer
Art Educator - Art teachers / education specialists needed to develop customized art activities for grades k-8, with specific ties to nature, water, marine life.WyFO HQ RSM12/01/2023Volunteer
Club Coordinator - Expands the Foundation's national network of service clubs and advises clubs on utilizing foundation community service tools and applications to improve the health of waterways.WyFo HQ RSM05/25/2021Volunteer
Social Media Assistant - Assist Digital Marketing Manager with local, regional and national outreachWyFO HQ RSM05/30/2021Volunteer
Science Educator - Environmental Science educators / specialists needed to develop customized environmental science activities for grades K-8WyFO HQ RSM02/03/2024Volunteer
Mobile Education Docent - Works aboard the Wyland Clean Water Mobile Learning Center to teach and engage students about water issues.Event10/18/2023Volunteer
Call Team - Recruits and coordinates participating cities in the annual Mayor's Challenge for Water ConservationEvent11/04/2023VolunteerView Event
Festival Of Children - Outreach coordination and interface with the community about foundation programs, services and impacts.Event09/04/2021VolunteerView Event
Muralist - Muralists / artists needed for Wyland Foundation mural painting activities at schools, festivals, and special events. Must be comfortable with painting in front of large groups and facilitating group painting activities with individuals of all ages.WyFO HQ RSM09/24/2021Volunteer
Festival: Ohana: Outreach CoordinatorEvent09/24/2021VolunteerView Event
Wyland Foundation Fundraiser Gala Event11/12/2023VolunteerView Event


Let us know your area of interest for volunteering! We will notify you upon receiving your submission.

    *Disclaimer: parental consent + signature required - no background check

Wyland Foundation Volunteer forms
Download and complete the applicable forms below and email to info@wylandfoundation.org. Please use the subject line: Completed Wyfo Volunteer Forms

Volunteer consent forms (18+)

Volunteer consent forms (Under 18)