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Other Programs

Water's Extreme Journey Maze

An Amazing Way to Get Lost In Learning

The 1,000-square-foot, Wyland-themed maze transforms each visitor into a drop of water entering a watershed. Visitors travel through different watershed habitats including lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, estuaries, bays, and ocean. Along the way they must navigate non-point source pollutants originating from agriculture, development, litter, and our homes. All ages learn how to make cleaner choices and will reach the reward of a healthy ocean. To complete the fully-interactive experience, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in five additional activities including: hands-on water quality testing, a watershed demonstration, art-in-action letter writing, artistic mosaic collaboration, and clean water commitment pledges.

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Visit www.minotaurmazes.com for additional information about the Water’s Extreme Journey Maze.

Wyland World Water Pledge

The Wyland World Water Pledge actions support progress near and far from your home. Not only can someone in California take action that helps water availability in South America, a person in China can help improve water quality in California. There are no geographical boundaries to the benefits of these actions. The six pledges are common sense actions that go beyond using less water, they also include reducing energy use and food waste.

Here are local actions you can take and how the actions have local and global benefits to water availability and quality, climate and ecosystems. We ask you to check the boxes on the actions that you pledge to make. We’ll count them up to show the power of collaboration and track progress. When it comes to water: We treasure it – so we’re going to measure it! Each pledge has a benefit for you and it also saves or improves water, climate and ecosystems for someone else.


Previous Campaigns

Wyland Foundation programs have included clean water education outreach tours in every state in the U.S. Other standout programs have included Stella’s Migration in partnership with Florida Blue, Forests, Oceans, Climate – And Us (FOCUS) in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, the Wyland Living Green Festival, Comics for Conservation, Waste to Wow. These programs have inspired millions of people from Alaska to Puerto Rico about the smart management of our marine ecosystems and the protection of our water.