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One of the nation’s top environment art contests for kids! Presented Nationally by Zenni Optical and Blick Art Materials.



Images of your artwork are submitted for judging, not the actual artwork. Images can be uploaded beginning October 1st. The theme of the Art Challenge is environmental and water conservation. Teachers are invited to encourage their students to highlight conservation and participate in all three categories: classroom mural, individual art, and photography.

1. Classroom Mural:  Discover the magic of artistic collaboration! Work together as a class to create a 4-foot by 8-foot (or larger) mural. Three classrooms will win $500 for art supplies from Blick Art Materials.

2. Individual Art: Bring out your inner Rembrandt! Individual pieces of art, in any medium, supporting the theme of the class mural. One 11th or 12th-grade winner will win a $500 scholarship. Additional winners from each grade level will receive a $50 gift card for art supplies from Blick Art Materials. (mural participation not required for individual art entries)

3. Individual Photography: Share your focus on the world! Capture a moment of nature. One 11th or 12th-grade winner will win a $250 scholarship. An additional winner will win a $50 gift card.

Every year, between Oct. 1 – Dec. 1, the Wyland National Art Challenge encourages thousands of students across the nation to think about the many conservation issues we face around the world and interpret them through art.

Students can choose to work collaboratively on mural projects or create individual works of art and earn a chance to win classroom prizes and scholarships. In fact, art contests for kids like the Wyland National Art Challenge play a critical role in helping students interpret their relationship to the natural world through art. And, in so doing, they come away with a greater understanding of their role as future caretakers of our water resources.

“We are proud to offer supplemental science and art based classroom lessons plans as part of our partnership with the Coral Reef Alliance, one of the world’s foremost advocates for the protection of the world’s coral reefs. These lessons plans are adaptable for most grades and downloadable for free.”


In further support of the program, the Wyland Foundation and its partners have provided more than 500 schools with paint supplies, educational materials, and 50 square foot artist canvases. Winning entries are included each year in a full-color calendar presented by Toro Irrigation.

Download the Certificate of Appreciation.

Download the Teachers Guide.

Download the Eutrophication Lesson Plan

Download NEW Coral Reef Alliance X Wyland Coral Reef Science and Art Lessons

Download more marine life art lessons from Blick Art Materials

Download the Official Art Contest Rules.

PLUS! Teachers, take your marine conservation art and science to the next level with Water’s Extreme Journey™, a comprehensive set of standards-aligned lessons and activities from the Wyland Foundation and Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Part 1 – Introduction; Part 2 Teacher’s Guide Intro to Science; Part 3 Teacher’s Guide Intro to Art


Kindergarten Winner
Name: Jackson Y., Mission Viejo, CA

First Grade Winner
Name: Luke W., Mission Viejo, CA

Second Grade Winner (Tie)
Name: George C., Sunnyvale, CA

Second Grade Winner (Tie)
Name: Olivia C., San Diego, CA

Third Grade Winner
Name: Sumedh M., Irvine, CA

Fourth Grade Winner
Name: Evelyn H., Laguna Niguel, CA

Fifth Grade Winner
Name: Evelyn L., San Diego, CA

Sixth Grade Winner
Name: Alex, C., Sunnyvale, CA

Seventh Grade Winner
Name: Minakshi C., Johns Creek, GA

Eighth Grade Winner
Name: Emma N., Melbourne, FL

Eighth Grade (Special Recognition – Collateral)
Name: Catherine W., Barrington, RI

Ninth Grade Winner
Name: Angela S., Orlando, FL

Tenth Grade Winner
Name: Alisa A, Orlando, FL

2023 indiv art winner - grade 10 - Alisa Andrievskaya

Eleventh Grade Winner
Grand Prize – Scholarship Winner
Name: Ya Wen L., Honolulu, HI

Twelfth Grade Winner
Name: Geanelle R., Honolulu, HI

2023 Classroom Mural Winners

Kindergarten – Fifth Grade Mural Winner
School: Kekaha Elementary School,
Kekaha, HI
Teacher Mikaela McLeish

“Malama i ke kai, a malama ke kai ia ‘o.”
— Hawaiian proverb meaning, “
Care for the ocean and the ocean will care for you.”

mural winner - k-5- kekaha elem school- kekaha, HI
kekaha students II
kekaha students

Sixth – Eighth Grade Mural Winner
School: Barrington Middle School,
Barrington, RI
Teacher: Kristin Anderson

mural winner - 6-8 - barrington ms- barrington - RI
barrington students

Ninth – Twelfth Grade Mural Winner
School: Moanalua High School
Honolulu, HI
Teacher: Jeffrey Fujimoto

mural at moanalua high school honolulu grade 9-12
students moanalua high school - grade 9-12

2023 Photography Winners

Individual Photo Winner – Scholarship
Name: Ashlin M, 11th grade,
El Dorado High School, Placentia, CA

Individual Photo Runner Up
Name: Isabella H., 11th Grade,
El Dorado High School, Placentia, CA

Lesson Plans

Teachers! Sign up before Aug. 25, 2024, for a chance to receive a free 50-square foot artist canvas (a $100 value) for your class. Over 20 to give away! Teachers will be notified by email on or before Sept. 20, 2024.

Past Mural Winners