Mother and Baby California Gray Whale Necklace by Wyland


SKU #WYPAP-00468

Designed by Wyland, this is one of two NEW California Gray Whale necklace styles! This delightful design introduces a mother whale as she tucks her baby in a protective embrace. The mother whale is lovely and fully detailed, including her barnacle bumps, while the carefree baby calf seems to beam with happiness.

Makes a great gift for mother figures in your life. And the proceeds from your gift benefits our programs for a healthy ocean.

Locally hand made using .925 sterling silver.


Affectionately referred to as “Stella,” this baby gray whale is a symbol for our public arts project as part of our Streams of Hope program. Baby "Stella" whale reliefs are being painted by artists across Orange County CA.  They will be exhibited in shopping centers, city halls, schools, and along Orange County storm channels to remind people about the impacts of land-based pollution on marine ecosystems. The campaign will culminate on Earth Day 2022 with a series of waterway and coastal cleanups.

“We want everyone who comes in contact with Stella to gain a better understanding of the problems of water pollution and how people can help fight the problem every day,” said Steve Creech, president of the Wyland Foundation. “Gray whales are the monarch symbol of our state, but as majestic as they are, they are highly vulnerable to pollution like so many other species.”


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