Sterling Silver Sea Turtle Necklace + Recycled Glass Bead



Sea turtles promote the health of coastal ecosystems as they forage for food. Green sea turtles graze on seagrass which encourages its growth across the sea floor. These grass beds support and protect marine life and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Hawksbill turtles use their sharp beaks to remove aggressive sponges from coral reefs allowing space on reefs for slower growing corals and sea life. Due to natural and manmade impacts, most sea turtle species are listed as vulnerable or endangered. We hope Wyland's adorable sea turtle necklace starts conversations and inspires protection for these amazing animals.

.925 Sterling Silver

The blue bead is made from recycled glass and no two beads are exactly alike.

Thank you for considering this lovely jewelry piece for your next purchase. The proceeds from Wyland Foundation "gifts that give" fund our programs for clean water and a healthy ocean.

*Our jewelry is handmade by a local artisan and does sell out at times. Backorders may take 3 weeks from the date of order to ship.

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