Men’s Sea Turtle Bracelet – Responsibly Sourced Lava + Sterling



This stretch bracelet is made using natural beads carved out of dried lava! We've combined this with a swimming sea turtle charm in sterling silver for an upscale/everyday look. We think everyone will enjoy this nod to our favorite ancient mariner, the sea turtle, as it brings recognition to these vulnerable ocean creatures.

  • Stretch bracelet measures approximately 7 1/2" around which is considered the standard size. It stretches to fit most men's and women's wrists.
  • A deep matte black in color these beads have naturally formed air pockets. They are hand carved and average about 8mm each. Some folks enjoy infusing their lava beads with fragrant essential oils.
  • .925 sterling silver sea turtle charm measures 11/16". Unlike most of our silver styles, this charm has an antique finish.
  • Hand assembled in southern California with lava beads sourced from Asia.

Lava is a form of molten rock that originates from volcano eruptions. Although these earthy beads are considered to be a form of stone, they are fairly lightweight. Sourced from Asia where there are no cultural or environmental restrictions.

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