Maui Forever Support Bracelet – Delicate Stone Crystals + Bronze



Continuing our legacy of care in the aftermath of the Lahaina fires, the Wyland Foundation introduces the Maui Forever Support Bracelet with Stone Crystals and Bronze Charms.

Crafted with intent and care, each bracelet is a mosaic of meaning and support. It features a blend of Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine, Opalite, Opal, and Black Agate – each stone carefully chosen for its symbolic significance:

Tiger Eye: Resonating with strength and courage.
Green Aventurine: Celebrated as the stone of recovery and well-being.
Opalite and Opal: Embodying the spirit of new beginnings, justice, and harmony.
Black Agate: Offering protection and grounding.

In addition to supporting the Wyland Foundation's efforts for clean water and healthy oceans, $5 from every bracelet goes directly to support the Lahaina fire recovery efforts.

Handmade by artisan women, this bracelet isn't just a symbol of support; it's a contribution to meaningful change. By wearing the Maui Forever Support Bracelet, you join us in our mission to heal, protect, and nurture both the environment and communities in need.

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