Sterling Silver Sea Horse Necklace with Blue Glass Bead



Unlike most fish, seahorses are believed to be monogamous with some species mating for life. They reinforce their bond daily by greeting each other with elaborate dances, circling and changing colors, at times swimming in pairs and holding each other's tails as they go. Many species of seahorses live in shallow tropical waters where they use their tails to anchor to sea grasses and corals. The sea horse charm measures approximately 1" long by 1/2" wide". It is suspended from an 18" open cable (sterling silver) chain alongside a recycled blue glass bead reminiscent of sea glass.

  • .925 Sterling Silver
  • Handmade in the US

Thank you for considering this lovely jewelry piece for your next purchase. The proceeds from Wyland Foundation "gifts that give" fund our programs for clean water and a healthy ocean.

*Our jewelry is handmade by a local artisan.

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