Restocked ‘Water is Life’ Whale Tail 17oz Travel Bottle – Great New Price!



Was $39 - now in stock at $19.95! Fresh water is necessary for the survival of all living beings inspiring this awesome travel bottle with our 'Water is Life' logo. With it you can help spread the word about the importance of reusable products. Lakes, rivers, streams, and wetlands are Earth's valuable resources. They provide drinking water, opportunities for recreation, wildlife habitat, water for agriculture, and more. Protecting water resources, no matter where they are, will also protect human health, our ecosystems, and ultimately the ocean.

  • Our 17oz stainless steel travel bottle has a double-wall construction with superior copper vacuum insulation.
  • The color is a deep rich metallic navy with the colorful 'Water is Life' slogan.
  • Please hand wash.
  • Do NOT microwave.

In stock