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Everything We Do Is To Support Our Oceans and Waterways

The Wyland Foundation is dedicated to protecting our oceans and waterways. With a history spanning over three decades, we are at the forefront of marine and freshwater conservation. Our work includes a variety of initiatives designed to educate and engage communities, emphasizing the importance of supporting our oceans and waterways. And when we do that, it’s a sure fire way to save the ocean.

One of our key programs is the Wyland National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. This initiative encourages cities nationwide to compete in saving water, highlighting the community’s role in supporting our oceans and waterways. By focusing on the connection between land-based activities and ocean health, we aim to reduce pollution at its source.


Our foundation believes in hands-on involvement. We’re not just talking about saving water; we’re creating opportunities for people to actively engage in practices that support our oceans and waterways. Whether through community clean-ups or educational programs, we’re on the ground, making a difference.

We also tackle the issue of water usage across various sectors. From agriculture to urban development, we’re advocating for smarter, more sustainable water use. Our initiatives promote drought-resistant landscaping, efficient irrigation, and innovative technologies to conserve water and support our oceans and waterways.


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to environmental conservation. Our educational programs aim to enlighten individuals and communities about the critical need to support our oceans and waterways. We demonstrate how everyday actions can have a significant impact on marine health.

In Los Angeles, for example, our environmental education program led to a 40% reduction in household hazardous waste. This is a testament to the power of informed action. Through partnerships with cities and educational institutions, we’re spreading the word and inspiring change.


Our work extends beyond individual action. We collaborate with municipalities, government, businesses, and other organizations to amplify our impact. The Wyland national mayor’s challenge for water conservation is just one example of how collective efforts can lead to substantial improvements in water conservation and, consequently, better support for our oceans and waterways. And when we do that, we can save the ocean.

Every initiative we undertake is a step toward healthier oceans and waterways. By joining hands with communities, leaders, and individuals, we’re not just advocating for change; we’re facilitating it. Together, we can make a significant difference in the health of our planet’s most vital resources.