Sterling Silver + Hand Detailed Amber Monarch Butterfly Necklace


SKU #WFSS-74822

This stunning handcrafted, beautifully created monarch butterfly pendant can float wherever you go! The sterling silver butterfly pendant features two genuine Baltic amber wings with intricate, hand-carved details.

  • Genuine Baltic amber sourced from Poland
  • .925 Sterling Silver finding and details.
  • Sterling silver 20" chain.
  • The pendant measures 1"W x 3/4" H and has a hanging length of about 1 1/2" with the bail.
  • The translucent amber "wings" measure 3/8" x 3/4" each.

Monarch butterflies are now on the endangered species list. Threats to their habitat and food source make their annual migration journey more difficult. Monarchs require the Milkweed plant to thrive as caterpillars to morph into butterflies. Consider planting milkweed within a native plant community in the sunniest part of your yard to support Monarchs and other butterfly populations!


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