Watercolor Bee and Bouquet Print Tote by Rebecca Jimenez



Like all living things, bees need water to survive. Did you know that bees do drink water and they use it to feed young bees, but they also use water to regulate the temperature inside the hive. Some worker bees have the specific task of finding and collecting mineral rich water! In honor of these amazing pollinators we are offering this artful tote with a spectacular watercolor bouquet and bumble bee. Imagine strolling through the local farmers' market or tending to your garden with a vibrant and durable Bee and Flower canvas tote by your side. This eco-friendly accessory serves as a practical companion for your shopping needs, crafts, and as a field companion for books and notebooks..

  • Natural woven tote with inside pocket
  • 12” H x 17” W with 4 inch gusset and 11” shoulder straps
  • Colorful floral bouquet placed print with bumble bee
  • USA made

About Artist Rebecca Jimenez

Rebecca Jimenez is the imaginative force behind a world of wonders, where storytelling and the whimsy of art come together in perfect harmony. As a self-published author, illustrator, and creator, Rebecca crafts not just stories but a fun place for the young-at-heart to explore.

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