Surfers for Conservation T-shirt – Featuring Wyland’s 3-Dolphins


SKU #WYCRA-2017253-

Thanks to our friends at Crazy Shirts Hawaii, we bring you Wyland's Surfers for Conservation T-shirt featuring his 3-dolphin artwork. Made from 100% cotton that is ring-spun then combed to remove impurities, this fabric is soft yet incredibly durable. For the screening process, they have used environmentally friendly water-based inks that penetrate the material's fiber resulting in more vibrant colors, a softer feel (and artwork that doesn't crack or peel).

  • Exclusively ours.
  • 100% combed cotton.
  • Wyland's 3-Dolphin design.
  • Supporting WYFO and Wyland's Surfers for Conservation initiative.
  • Proudly printed in the United States for quality you can see and designs that stand the test of time.
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