Vintage Surfer Necklace with XL Whale Tail – 18” -Dark Tones



Vintage Surfer Necklace with XL Whale Tail - 18” -Dark Tones

This amazing vintage surfer necklace uses our newest Wyland Whale Tail pendant as its focal point. You'll notice this XL Whale Tail is the largest pendant on the line. It has an updated modern structure which adds a fresh beach vibe to this lovely vintage necklace. Meanwhile, the 18" shell necklace is a statement piece on its own and can be worn without the pendant. This is a great men’s jewelry piece that can be worn by anyone!

Handmade, this original Heishi (or surfer-style) necklace is one-of-a-kind. All the authentic Heishi shell and turquoise beads used are vintage from the ‘70’s and early 80’s. These vintage shell and turquoise beads have been carefully stored and restrung by an artisan jeweler trained in the native arts. Nothing is newly mined or collected from nature. All are original and genuine turquoise, pen shell and melon shell that were hand-ground 40-50 years ago. The sterling silver hook and eye clasp is a traditional closure for Heishi necklaces.

  • The shiny Whale Tail pendant measures approximately 1 9/16" wide X 1 1/4" high. This pendant is made in Anaheim CA from sterling silver.
  • Vintage Necklace is made of vintage Kingman Turquoise, Pen Shell, and Melon Shell. The beads graduate from approximately 5mm (3/16”) to 8mm (5/16”) and is 18” long.
  • Restrung on 3-ply cord and properly tied by an artisan jeweler.
  • The traditional hook and eye closure is made of sterling silver.

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